WhatsApp Marketing Guide

The Ultimate WhatsApp Marketing Guide for 2021

With the ever-increasing social media presence in the digital space, the marketing campaigns through WhatsApp are growing in popularity day by day. Thus, an effective advertising campaign can be devised through an engaging WhatsApp Marketing Guide in 2021. What Are The Steps for a Productive Whats App Campaign? 1. Generate a Captivating Brand Identity for […]

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benefits of search engine optimization

SEO VS PPC: Which is better for you?

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization in 2021 over PPC Marketing In this era of digital marketing, the showdown between SEO and PPC is the most discussed topic among website owners and digital marketers globally. Both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click campaign) are the two most familiar techniques of digital marketing engaged to create […]

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Advantages of Mobile Application

The Increase of Mobile Application over Traditional Website

Nowadays, with unique advancements in technology, more and more end-users are turning to be mobile-centric customers. Due to the Advantages of Mobile Application, the number of smartphone users has significantly crossed the count of persons engaged with traditional websites. Application vs Website: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages? We need to justify the differences between […]

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Difference between PHP & WordPress

PHP or WordPress Website | Which One Is Better & Why?

Today’s business owners targeting to boost their online visibility by optimizing their web portals are always in an enigma of deciding which is best between PHP and WordPress. Nowadays, the Difference between PHP & WordPress and their benefits is the most discussed topic among web designers across the industry. PHP Website PHP is a scripting or […]

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Advantages of Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing | Which Is Better & Why?

Although the showdown between traditional and digital marketing and their respective effectiveness will continue for years to come, with the advent of the internet, a lot has changed for the better. Most business owners now believe that online marketing has changed the advertising perspective altogether in reaping the optimum profitability of an enterprise, which is […]

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