Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing | Which Is Better & Why?

Although the showdown between traditional and digital marketing and their respective effectiveness will continue for years to come, with the advent of the internet, a lot has changed for the better. Most business owners now believe that online marketing has changed the advertising perspective altogether in reaping the optimum profitability of an enterprise, which is one of the prime advantages of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has been the advertising way of businesses for a long time. It comprises of different methods of targeting customers without the use of the internet. Conventional advertising techniques involve different offline modes of advertising to promote a brand. These offline practices involve television and radio adverts, newspaper and magazine promotions, billboards and leaflets, direct manually mailed postcards, and discount coupons, and also phone calls with text or SMS notifications aimed at the chosen customer bases. The advertising and selling methodology revolves around the 4Ps of marketing, namely product, price, promotion, and place.


  • With the help of billboards and leaflets, small local business owners can get good business targeting a greater base of local customers
  • Radio and TV advertisements are usually played ‘n’ number of times, thereby calling the attention of the target audiences continuously
  • In the case of the target customers is of an older age group, like 55 years plus, traditional marketing is more useful, as these audiences will give more attention to reading newsprint and observing television


  • Advertising is often more costly like, sending printed postcards, wherein the advertisers can never guarantee whether the target customer is curious about the product or brands offered
  • There is more difficulty in quantifying the promotional campaigns, as it might take years to generate some positive results. As there is no technology to tell whether the customer is reading or will read newsprint to see the ad

Digital Marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

It can be stated that digital marketing is a new age marketing strategy. With new technologies evolving each other day, online promotion refers to harnessing digital platforms like websites, social media snippets, YouTube videos, and banner ads for effective advertising interactions. These approaches focus on the use of cyberspace, especially with the help of smartphones. Online marketing comprises of a cost-effective automated procedure in bridging the gap between marketers and their target audiences. It mitigates the need for any manual labour, as the entire process is done across online platforms. Hence, any size of the enterprise, small, medium, or large can capitalize on digital marketing to boost their business activities by targeting the niche markets, identify and interact with potential clients, and eventually convert them into sales-ready customers.


Better Options for Customer Engagement

  • Unlike traditional advertising, the advantages of digital marketing lie in the fact, that it actively uses innovative technologies such as creating effective impressions on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for engaging niche target audiences with unique PPT infographics templates.
  • More shares and likes on social media business pages of the clients’ with enriching comments help to create brand awareness for the specific products or services
  • Thus, advantages of digital marketing lie in creating brand loyalty from niche customer bases can be created, thereby engaging in more inbound traffic or potential clients to the site, while boosting the conversion rates

Simple to Quantify Advertising Campaigns

Advantages of Digital Marketing
  • With effective backend tracking, digital marketers can easily find out the specific potential customer who is clicking on a backlink directed to the business site
  • Again, advertisers can see instantaneously whoever enters the website, follows the business page on different social media platforms, or even whenever anyone reads a promotional email.
  • Accordingly, with these niche-targeted data, we can create and customize content based on specific client’s requirements more engagingly and effectively. This will result in an enhanced rate of conversions, and increased return on investment (ROI) for the business.
  • Online marketing strategies can be optimized at a much lesser price, than sending out postcards in traditional promotional methods.
  • Again, a prime service offered by digital advertising is that, it can easily reach a global audience in a very short time, hence it is quite cost-effective
  • Marketers can observe their site’s page rankings reflected on the search engine result page (SERPs), preferably of Google’s with some engaging and relevant content as per the guidelines set by SEO (search engine optimization) standards
  • Moreover, the advantages of digital marketing lies, as there is continuous two-way communication between the business owners and their target clients, it is easier to apprehend and engage the niche audiences


  • Now, online marketing techniques should be continuously analysed for engaging effectiveness, as every other day new technologies are evolving, thereby old promotional trends are getting obsolete in a day or two
  • Advertisements posted online through Google ad campaigns, promotional social media snippets, and emails can get ignored if the potential audience keeps on scrolling to the subsequent pages without noticing or clicking on the organization’s ad
  • Now, if  the marketers use a banner ad which keeps on popping up on the screen that the prospective client may be seeing can sometimes go effortless, as that specific client might have installed an ad-blocker

Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing: Which is Better & Why?

Digital marketing in this era can be the premium choice among a greater number of customers. Hence, for offering cost-effective niche-based target ads, online advertising is the best option available. Thus, more engaging target audiences can be converted with effective promotional campaigns.

Although there is a huge difference between traditional and digital marketing, conventional marketing still gets its audience, but it is decreasing day by day by the onslaught of the digital world. However, if the advertiser wants to target older aged groups or local customers, still traditional advertising holds its market.

Eventually, we can say both digital and traditional marketing can be effective, but the advertiser needs to understand their business and target audiences to choose the better option.

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